24 May, 2011

Free Lunch

When Amy founded the company she knew a few things about the digital business. 
1. It was the most collaborative business I’d ever known. 
2. There are endless possibilities to what could be created and achieved.
She knew she wanted to find a way with Lunch to help people make their ideas a reality. Not everyone has the ability to take an idea from being just an idea to something tangible. So, we wanted to help. 
So, with that, we launch Free Lunch. 
Free Lunch is an opportunity for people with ideas to be paired with people who can execute them. We're looking for application ideas, mobile ideas, integrated ideas. Things we can help you to build. Have you written an amazing story and have always needed an illustrator to bring it to life? Did you have an idea that you think could change a vertical? 
We’ve been working on several projects that fall into this realm in the past 2 years. Traditional probono work such as, @Random and new kinds of projects which we currently have in development. Things we’ve made investments in, partnered on and become partners with. 
So we know based on that, and the amazing work we're lucky to do every day that we wanted to help others to make their ideas a reality.
We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Bogusky about his new project COMMON because it’s exactly the kind of thing we believe is going to change the way business is done. It’s time.
Beginning this month Lunch will be accepting one sheets on ideas you might like help producing. Here’s how it will work. Of course you know we like to keep it simpler.
Every quarter we’ll review your ideas and choose 1 to get involved with – maybe even 2! 
From there we'll be in touch with any questions and we’ll help to produce and develop the idea should it be something we think is tangible.
Since it's business of course we’re happy to sign any mutual documentation (such as non-disclosure agreements) to protect your idea should we not choose to move forward with it. 
That's it. We hope you're as excited as we are. If you have an idea that you think we might be able to help you make. Get in touch.

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