18 April, 2013

Luminato Festival

When we were approached by Luminato about taking part in an RFP process we were elated. When we were asked if we'd be interested in taking part for submitting proposals for Digital AOR we said, "well, we don't really consider ourselves an "agency"" they said that was why they wanted to hear from us. What a dream. As a collective we've been involved with Luminato for years, whether it was through the FriendsWithYou installation at Queen's Park, or our partnership last year in producing the Mood Mixer event for Kia thorugh Innocean, or just our love of Luminato as a Festival. We were elated. It is rare to find an opportunity so well suited. A true symbiotic relationship. When we found out we were selected, we were thrilled. The network was thrilled. We believe in the importance of expanding exposure to the arts, believe Toronto is a beautiful breeding ground of appreciation and artists and we were THRILLED. Part of working together would be partnering with Luminato's to be selected brand agency.  At our first kick off meeting there was Mr. Michael Bierut. Surreal. Pentagram would be our co-collaborator. What a dream. Having the opportunity to brainstorm with Michael, and work together in Toronto was an experience of a life time.  in the months to follow we worked together to define the direction of the experience. To ensure Luminato Festival is represented as the incredible festival it is. Helping Luminato's Artistic Director Jorn Weisbrodt to translate his incredible vision for the festival online. 

Our team began with a strategic day of meetings where we spent the day with Luminato learning. From there our stellar information architect (and classically trained architect) Michael Lordly went to work, piecing together the roadmap for how to get there, working with our incredible designer Scott Hiers collaborating with Hamish Smyth at Pentagram to deliver a dynamic, colourful, fresh approach to the site. Including a MyFestival component, dynamic intelligent content, an algorithim for associating events, and all of the things, we as festival goers wanted and needed. Lunch's resident wizard Evan Borgstrom from Fatbox worked to develop a modular, agile CMS, and worked alongside PIxelpusher on the frond end development with Amy Miranda at the helm as Executive Producer. The collaborative nature of the team at Luminato, their requirements told a story which we translated to an experience that represents the dynamic programming of the 2013 Festival. We may be biased but the 2013 Program Jorn has curated is absolutely incredible. including some amazing crowd sourced projects like Stockpile and Music Mob, to some ground breaking performances and experiences from the incomparable Marina Abramovic, Willem Dafoe, Atom Egoyan, and more. We could gush for days. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to build the type of experience the festival and city deserve. Better Together.

The 2013 Programming Announcement 


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Network Contributors:
Amy Miranda
Michael Lordly

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