Fun Job is a company based on making every job fun and happy experience. 

Fun Job is a multi-disciplinary creative studio, designed as a resource center for all things imaginative and original. Fun Job is a unique think-tank that has the ability to seamlessly incorporate one-of-a-kind ideas and a distinct artistic style into a wide range of works. From creating installations and larger-than-life experiences, to licensing, branding, campaign strategies, directorial work, art direction, and more; Fun Job has the ability to bring its magic into any project. As leaders in a trend that crosses art and commercial work for hire, Fun Job holds a prominent place in the influence and merging of both worlds. Fun Job uses its unique abilities to bring a soul to projects, allowing brands & organizations to connect with all demographics on a new level and achieve levity from their competitors. With a breadth of work, which ranges from world-renowned events and installations, to developing films, TV shows, and a never-ending world of stories and characters, Fun Job is a place where dreams become reality and creativity is key.

Fun Job is based in Los Angeles, CA.