12 January, 2014


As we mentioned in 2013. Inter-Action is evolving. After 7 years and countless incredible conversations its time. As we expanded the kinds of conversations we've had over the years it became obvious that a community event, which is focused on real interaction and collaboration locally in Toronto was needed. We never took on sponsors because that's not what Interaction was about. It was about grassroots discussions, inspiring conversations, sharing of ideas and innovations and what makes us all tick – inspiration. At it's core,  a sharing of ideas, art, culture, music, and technology. We are on a mission to gain greater reach, and continue to spark connection. We will be doing this by finding a home, we found a wonderful home. One that believes in the same core things we do. Creating a more of a hot bed in this city and connecting the instigators, and tastemakers, and injecting innovation. We also wanted to do it more often. So we'll be moving Interaction to it's new home at The Drake Hotel.  The second Monday of every month we (Lunch) will be curating a series which will focus on Art & Culture. Because Art & Culture also includes things like Music, Comics, Technology, and Business. Toronto is special and we want to do something to make it even more so.  We will continue to include the kinds of content we've always included but also continue to evolve the community as we always have. 

We are thrilled about this and believe The Drake is a great place to keep the conversation going, as well a Toronto based independent partner.

We can't wait. We will see you February 10. I'll be telling the whole story of how this came to be – which actually happened on my trip to meet Pee wee Herman. So I'll be telling that story as well as sharing our vision for 2014 and beyond.   We are also hoping to have very very special guests in town and are working hard to bring you some amazing discussions and content for 2014.

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