31 March, 2014

Ted Danson has Lunch.

Our journey with Ted really began in 1987 when he was in Toronto filming 3 Men & a Baby (which as a fun fact was directed by Leonard Nimoy. Yes, that one). They did the wrap party at my Dad's nightclub and of course I got an autograph. Steve Guttenberg, AND Ted Danson. I'm not sure what Tom Selleck was doing but he didn't sign my menu. 

Obviously many years down the road and here we are working on a project with Ted Danson! We had such a good time collaborating that we decided to begin working together because we believe that entertainment was never better than relaxing with an episode of Cheers!.  We want to make more of that kind of magic. Ted will be joining us as resident spokesperson, actor, director, content consultant and of course will be developing strategic partnerships with partner brands and media partners. 

We're really excited about having Sam Malone on our roster of experts.


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