16 April, 2014

Nathan Jurevicius becomes Scarygirl

When Nathan mentioned he wanted to do a portrait of Scarygirl we jumped at the chance to get more of the Lunch family involved. Avery Plewes got right to work with creating Scarygirl's wardrobe. Kira Shaimanova best known her for sculpture illustration jumped at the chance to do a living doll's Hair and Makeup and we asked our pal Scott Ramsay of Scott Ramsay photography to help us create the portrait for Pictoplasma 2014 in Berlin to celebrate 10 years of Pictoplasma.  #bettertogether indeed.

Network Contributors:
Nathan Jurevicius
Kira Shaimanova
Amy Miranda
Avery Plewes

berlin, nathan jurevicius, photography, pictoplasma, scarygirl