The Mission Business

Prepare for the future by experiencing it yourself.  

The Mission Business knows that what you’re doing today affects what you will be able to do tomorrow. They want to help you experience your long term business plan in action, letting you and your team test your ideas and innovations first hand against a range of potential risks and realize your future ambitions. We are excited to have the Mission Business  as part of the Lunch team. From Strategic thinking, Integrated technology - to immersive interactive engagement for brands, experiential installations or institutions. 


21st century innovation depends on the integration of 21st century technology. We bring cutting-edge solutions from social media, wearable technology, and big data into our workshops, so that we can help you learn more about how you learn, think, and plan.


We apply game mechanics to strategic activities to make them more engaging, satisfying, and connected to your players. This helps you bring new life to your business, letting everyone actively engage in thinking about your future in playful but meaningful ways.


Our simulation of your company’s future hinges on your active participation in our process but we don’t believe in putting on a song-and-dance show for you to passively enjoy.  Instead, our work begins and ends with an active, two-way exchange that provides you with unmistakable insight derived from unparalleled involvement. 


The future isn’t all about science fiction hovercars and rayguns - it’s a complex world in which we’re all going to work and live. We realize that while planning for the next quarter is easy, imaging the challenges of the next decade is not. We work with you to analyze the signals, trends, and drivers impacting your business today, so you can soar past the competition tomorrow.


Recent Projects:
See Thee Rise Red Bull Music Academy: A Conversation With Darren Aronofsky