20 August, 2014

Lunch Welcomes: The Mission Business

We want to warmly welcome The Mission Business,  the newest members of the Lunch network. You may have heard of TMB's project ZED.TO http://zed.to/ which was an 8 month narrative told in real-time through a combination of interactive theatrical events and online content.  In 2013, The Mission Business constructed a bespoke Thought Leadership experience to help Autodesk launch the 7th instalment of their IDEAS conference designed an asteroid-mining scenario set in the year 2021, where a crisis at NASA’s Ames Research Center motivated Autodesk and their guests to take action and explore alternative visions for the future of space exploration, computing, media and communications, corporate strategy, and product development. Through face-to-face engagements with performers and facilitators, and digital encounters with a rogue artificial intelligence and global governments, participants were invited to think, and more importantly, feel their way through a landscape of unanticipated and unpredictable change. Attended by some of the world’s leaders in computing, space exploration, entrepreneurship, and science fiction storytelling, The Mission Business’s work on IDEAS positioned Autodesk as the de facto thought leaders in the field of design thinking. 

The Mission Business gave us a view not only into what we want from our new technologies but why we want it. You feel like you’re living in the future, which was made especially clear when we took a quick break and were offered samples of ByoBreath. It’s one thing to read a science fiction short story about the future or a comic book based on science fact that explores the human implications of science, but it’s very much another sensation when someone hands you a science fiction prototype and asks you to put it in your mouth. " — Brian David Johnson, IEEE Computer Magazine, July 2013

The Mission Business is made up of Elenna, a theatrical director and event producer specializing in large scale activations that puncture routine and promote unexpected engagement.  MFA in Professional Theatre Direction from Ohio University. Trevor is a futurist, producer, and designer with a track record of helping global organizations tell their stories and make plans for time travel. MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University. David is an interactive designer and developer with over 15 years of experience and dozens of projects under his belt, from iPhone games to eye-tracking prototypes.  Byron is a narrative designer specializing in work that pushes the traditional borders of both live and online story world building. PhD in Interactive Theatre and Pervasive Transmedia Fiction from York University and Adam is their newest addition and business brain who is also a mechanical engineer with an MBA. No big deal. 

We are incredibly excited about how this amazing group can extend design, strategy, experiential and beyond. Talk about a consumer journey...

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