10 July, 2015

Amy & The Rza, Aka Bobby Digital

I first felt a kinship to Bobby when I was in highschool and 36 Chambers came out. I remember the first time I heard it. It incorporated Eastern Philosophy, Kung Fu movies, Hip Hop and became like a soundtrack for me. It captured both the angst and relentless drive I was feeling at the time. Of course, as I always do, once I discover something I need to know everything about it. Nothing about Wu-Tang Clan was different, I quickly figured out that it was The Rza who had brought this incredible group of individuals together to make something even better, a rap supergroup, a brand, multiple brands, a life style, a direct opening to the vortex that is Eastern thought. I couldn't get enough. 

Many years went by and I closely followed Bobby's career, watching him do it his way, turning from a child without opportunity to a man who captured the interest of hollywood, the music industry, and also pop culture. When I started Lunch, I picked up Rza's book, The Tao Of Wu (If you haven't read it, read it) . I've been a Taoist since reading the Tao of Pooh in my World Religion class in high school and when the book began with the quote below, I knew it was going to be good. 

"A thousand mile journey, begins with a single step" -  Lao Tzu

It was, and I realized from reading it that what Bobby did with Wu-Tang, how he assembled this team like Voltron to transcend out of his circumstances, that was it. I realized, it was exactly what I was also trying to do with Lunch. He inspired me to know it was possible, to do things differently. Bobby is one of the best music producers of all time, he created the Wu-Tang sound, record labels, apparel, film scores, acting, directing...and most importantly. ALWAYS Collaborating. I tried to connect with Bobby a few times, once at a concert - he wasn't there, and finally, the Tao delivered. I was able to finally get some time with the man who inspired much of my diligence last month in NYC. It wasn't real until it was real, and I headed down to the Bowery to set. A closed set, in NYC, and when I turned the corner and saw the trucks on the street, I finally knew it was real. Deja Vu happened several times that evening, when I walked in and saw Bobby, his assistants (Who are AMAZING) also had Deja Vu and it was all full circle. Bobby, was directing a feature called Coco, starring Jill Scott, Common, Azealea Banks. I got to spend hours and hours with him on set, watching him work, laughing, and sharing some stories. It really couldn't have been better, and it was so incredible to be able to meet the crew, and be on set, which of course is a place I'm comfortable.  It was amazing to be able to tell Bobby about where i'm headed, what i'm working on and where I'd like to go, including all the things I'd like to make together.  

As I left set late that night, just before midnight, I walked down the Bowery, and there was a massive Ron English mural. It reminded me of all of the artists I work with, and the time I met Ron at Art Basel, and how at that moment, I was exactly where I was supposed to be. 

It was well worth the wait to be able to bow to one another in person.  I've walked a long road to get here, and i'm still taking steps on this thousand mile journey, but I've never been more sure i'm on the right path. Thank you Bobby, for being such an incredible inspiring creator, but also for being my friend.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

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"The first person you have to resurrect is yourself” 
― The RZAThe Tao of Wu


“Life comes when you have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, when you can see for real, touch, and feel for real, know for real. Then you are truly living.” 
― The RZAThe Tao of Wu

“Happiness-- which is total and complete sarisfaction with yourself. This means you realize that nothing and nobody else can make you happy. Happiness is something you get from yourself. If you're completely satisfied with yourself, nobody can take it away from you.” 
― The RZA