21 September, 2015

Mask Design & Fabrication - Pay The Ghost

After a meeting with "Pay The Ghost' Costume Designer Chris Hargadon, and Assistant Costume designer Avery Plewes (who also designed the Deer mask). We immediately got to work sketching Nathan Jurevicius created the sketches and Amy Miranda got to work on sculpture and fabrication. 

The brief was to create masks from materials which would have been available in the 1600's, and likely would have been pagan in style. Amy got to work speaking with our friend Ryan Matthew Cohn on how best to bring the Coyote skin we were provided back to life. After a few days the skin became pliable and Amy was able to get working. All natural materials were used in creating masks to be worn by two children. 

In seeing the film, we are absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. A beautiful project. A scary film. Two of our favourite things. 

launch project

Network Contributors:
Amy Miranda
Avery Plewes
Nathan Jurevicius

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