08 January, 2016

Jason Zada’s “The Forest” in Theatres Now

Congratulations Jason - From Amy. 

When I first met Jason Zada, too many years ago now to count - his dream - since he was a kid was to make a movie. Jason's success, vision and talent in amassing audience online was well known, from Elf Yourself, to Take This Lollipop. He is a visionary and an innovator. So when he got the opportunity to direct his first feature, it wasn't small. He doesn't do anything small. I can say that because I've worked as a producer for him for a very long time. He is meticulous, he's made me a better producer because of it. Because if you haven't thought of it, he has, and if you haven't mapped it out, he has. Working with him has been a highlight of my career from the time when we both complained about escaping our fulltime jobs to when he started telling everyone that I was starting my own company before I'd quit my job. He's not only a collaborator of mine, he's a friend and a big brother.  

Watching Jason evolve into the person he is today has been amazing, it's a rare thing to be able to watch someone reinvent themselves so many times, and I like to think he's enjoyed the process of watching me do the same. That's the kind of collaborative relationship you dream of as a producer, with a director. That you can always enjoy the discussions that lead to an idea, as much as the idea itself. 

Watching Jason make this movie was also amazing, supporting him by taking on a project he didn't have the bandwidth to fully lead while he was making his dream come true last year was also an honor. I missed him though, because it's just not the same when he's not at the helm. 

The Forest is in theatres now. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's Zada - meaning It's beautiful, disturbing and impactful. 

Congratulations Jason. 

Love your Little Pisces Sister, 


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