Sekanskin is a collective of vinyl artists led by founder and creative director Tiago Teixeira. Sekanskin is perhaps best known for their mindbending work for our pal Joel Zimmerman (DeadMau5). From the #purrari, #nyanborghini, to #purracan, to datp1tho, meowclaren...  That's actually how we met Tiago in the first place. When a client had called asking if we could do something crazy in 2014 with a car. Amy called on the only car person she knows, Joel. Luckily he answered with Tiago from Sekanskin. From there it was a match made in heaven. Both Lunch and Sekanskin like to do crazy things that no one else will do. We don't say no, we say how. We also both love detail. There's no one we know who is more meticulous than Tiago. Well, maybe Jacknife. We're thrilled to have Tiago and Sekanskin as a part of our creative arsenal. Anything can be wrapped, or made into art. Cars, Buildings, Installations, etc. We're thrilled to have done some pretty awesome stuff from making cars change colour, to turning them into Shark tanks, to the incredible hand made #prismacan.  Sekanskin isn't just about cars, they're about art and ideas. That's why we love them sooooo much. You will do. 


Recent Projects:
See Thee Rise Nissan Rogue Shark Unleashed