Bobby Maximus aka Rob MacDonald isn't your average creator. He's built a brand from scratch through a loyal following of "Maximites". Rob was formerly a teacher, A Police Officer, a participant on UFC's Ultimate Fighter Season 2, fought in the UFC, and then became GM and Training Director of elite training gym Gym Jones. In addition to his policing, training, and fighting career, Bobby earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario with a double major in Psychology and English. He also earned a Bachelor of Education graduate degree from Lakehead University. He's not your average fitness guru. Rob has trained athletes, actors, special forces and helped change the lives of those seeking his unique brand of fitness, theory, humor and philosophy. Bobby Maximus is a frequent contributor to Men's Health, has his own shoe with LALO Tactical, fittingly named "The Maximus" and is creator behind the soon to be released Maximus Project. He is a published author, influencer, coach, and has built a social media following so loyal they are often referred to as Disciples in his well-known Sunday Sermons. He was also named by Men's Health as one of the 100 fittest men of all-time. Bobby Maximus has long been a collaborator of Amy Miranda. They first met when he was cast in a campaign for Amp'd Mobile in 2006. He brought his own lunch. Bobby Maximus is available as a collaborator, creator, influencer, brand ambassador, writer, and social media consultant.