19 September, 2017

Unfractured to premiere as Planet in Focus Opening Night Film

It was announced today that Chanda Chevannes' new film Unfractured will premiere as the opening night film at Planet in Focus. We are so proud and thrilled. Chanda is an inspiring storyteller and her tireless work to tell important, impactful stories is why we love collaborating with her. She's a force of nature, and this film is a beautiful testament to not only her commitment to her subjects, but her commitment to the work they do. 

Scientist, writer, cancer survivor and long-time eco-activist Dr. Sandra Steingraber is the subject of Chanda Chevannes’ uplifting film Unfractured. A resident of upstate New York, where she has taught at Cornell University and Ithaca College, Steingraber’s focus has been on getting governments to outlaw fracking. Chevannes follows her as she makes speeches, plans strategy with other activists and gets arrested protesting “the industrialization of the Finger Lakes.” At the same time, the film shows her dealing with husband and artist Jeff de Castro, who is suffering from a series of disabling strokes, and their two children. A humanist and brilliant multi-tasker, she remains fiercely committed to her cause. At its heart, the film is about Steingraber’s role in this landmark battle as she navigates her way through hope, despair, shock, and—ultimately—joy.

UNFRACTURED - OFFICIAL TRAILER from Chanda Chevannes on Vimeo.

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Watch the official trailer here

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