Stripe & Crane

We met Elaine when she was our client at Clorox. We worked with her for several years and when she decided to strike out on her own 2 years ago we began collaborating as much as we could. It's rare to have a client cross the floor and not have any surprises with what's on the other side. That's transparency. We're so proud to have Elaine, and Stripe & Crane as part of the network. 

As Digital Marketing Manager at Clorox Canada, with responsibility for owned, earned and paid digital strategy for all brands including Brita, Green Works, Glad Food & Waste, Pine-Sol and gud. Her interest of everything tech/digital followed her through her 12 year career in different disciplines (from Project Management to Entrepreneur to Brand Manager) when she was presented with an opportunity to start a digital center of excellence for Clorox. A new love was born and since then Elaine has developed a digital department, lead the change in how Clorox Canada buys digital media, forged direct relationships with publishers, and placed more emphasis on ROI/learning through data.

In October 2015 Elaine decided to execute her vision of helping brands “figure it out”. Elaine specializes in helping major CPG brands overhaul their digital marketing practices. Stripe & Crane Consulting helps brands reformulate their owned, earned and paid digital strategy and reassess what they can do in-house. She reviews options in various digital channels like programmatic, search and social to see what makes the most sense for a brand to do internally or through partners.

Stripe & Crane helps companies and brands understand the marketing and digital landscape and be able to provide executional options without the huge markups and fees that traditional agencies impose.