12 October, 2017

Venus Fest Review: Community FTW

Venus Fest reviews are pouring in and we have to say this one is our favourite, not just because Michael Rancic is a friend to Catshrine, but because he really got the message. We were honored to be involved in the inaugural Venus Fest but we were also thrilled to put together the Community Card activity Michael refers to in the review. Lunch is all about community. It's the core of who we are. We are a collective and we met through our common passions. This is community. Not every interaction needs to be on social media and we worked to put together an activity that encouraged people to participate in person. We also had a little secret up our sleeve which was, that we randomly selected one of the community cards and gave out an awesome gift bag with cool stuff from our friends from Lunch,  Krista Muir, The Goods, Misfit Studio and Mama Earth Organics. It was one heck of a loot bag. 

"To translate the all-day event into reality took a great deal of thought and work but when I showed up, it quickly became clear they’d thought of everything. Located in the redeveloped Regent Park neighborhood in Toronto’s east end, Daniels Spectrum’s is in a bit of a food desert, with not a lot of choices nearby, so various food vendors were brought in for the day. The building itself was chosen for its accessibility, and inside there were non-gendered bathrooms, a team of volunteers trained with naloxone kits, a “community card engagement” station where people could write down their info if they want to make fest friends, and so on. The whole thing seemed exhaustive, going above and beyond the usual of organization other large festivals undertake."

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