23 November, 2021

Elaine Li

Elaine isn't just a marketer, she's a founder, she's a brand builder.  For two years, Elaine led digital marketing for all brands in the Clorox Canada portfolio. She was responsible for internalizing Clorox’s programmatic media buying and formed relationships with several different ad tech providers to improve the brand’s control over its media spend. She also initiated the company’s first RFP for a digital creative agency of record. Prior to heading up digital marketing, Elaine worked on Burt’s Bees and GUD.  Elaine previously held brand marketing positions at Philips and Reebok.  

In 2017 Elaine founded Iremia Skincare. So if you've ever wondered what it's like to start a line and bring a product to market....

 Iremia Skincare is a small-batch, natural skincare line based out of Canada that helps soothe and manage sensitive skin. Our original formulas provide a minimalistic yet luxurious and effective calming routine that is also suitable for the entire family.

Elaine holds degrees in Economics and Marketing from York University and she is one of the brains behind our New Menu's Manners offering. 

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