27 November, 2021

Bobby Maximus

UFC veteran,  Best-selling Author of books on men’s health,  International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation World Master Champion, Entrepreneur,  Speaker and Actor. Maximus’ Sunday sermons are as powerful as his training capabilities. He has trained professional athletes, actors, corporations and the military to bring the Maximus mentality around the world. 

Finding energy at work is difficult—especialy since we spend around 2,000 hours at work each year. The stresses of deadlines,projects,along with difficult people, often creates an unhealthy and unhappy work environment.These negatives can make employees less productive, less driven for success, and less resilient to stress. 

On the other hand,when employees are healthy and energetic, they are more driven to closedeals, more effective in their daily tasks, and more wiling to take on new responsibilities.Happy team members—ones who have found a good work and homelife balance are what every company wants. .

When a team is built upon the idea that employees should have a good sense of balance in their work and personal lives, it changes the culture of the company. It creates positive attitudes,dynamic energy, close friendships, and an overall energetic atmosphere. A positive culture such as this, enjoys improved employee retention rates and more people want to join the team and be a part of the positive work experience.  The workplace goes from being a place of employment, to being a forward thinking, proactive, productive community. Suddenly,employees see their place of employment not as the place where they collect their paycheck, but rather the place they will make their mark and build a spectacular career. Bobby brings transformation. 

Bobby is available for speaking engagements, motivational workshops, partnerships as well as lifestyle and fitness coaching. Bobby is based in Salt Lake City, Utah

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"As a company, we have attended a handful of seminars about health and wellness but what Bobby did was an engaging, life-altering and above all, simple. It was a precise mix of tough love, good advice and encouragement. Several employees in our small start-up made dramatic changes to their diet and exercise habits resulting in a vastly improved picture of health and wellness in our corporate culture. For me personally, it was a much needed wake up call and I lost over 50 pounds while gaining strength, cardiovascular endurance and mental fortitude. I became a better husband, father and employee and this seminar was a big part of that."

Ben Checketts, Director of Brand, Rhone Apparel