22 November, 2021

Rose Evelyn

Rose Evelyn (aka Rose Up)

As a life coach & mentor, Rose has coached high-achieving women since 2018 -  helping them redefine personal success to create space in their lives for fun and fulfillment. She held a career in marketing and advertising for 15 years, but saw the burnout and stress it caused ambitious women (and lack of time it left for things like activism, creativity and deep connection to others)...and was thus inspired to create Rose Up Coaching. Through her company, she has led one-on-one coaching, workshops, bootcamps, events, retreats, and most recently a digital community. Rose also hosts the podcast Affs & Laughs - bringing a bit of joy back to the personal development world. 

Rose's menu includes: A Women's Self Love Virtual Retreat, Burnout Cycle Breaking Training, Stuck Training, Boundaries Bootcamp, Redefine Success Training, and has all kinds of other ala carte options that can be used independently or combined with a Jump, Tune Up, Camp or retreat experience. 

Rose is based in Chicago IL. 

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