Lunch Inc. launches a new menu to bring wellness to work and brings experts from the arts, wellness & marketing together to revitalize and uplift careers, teams and corporate culture.<\/strong><\/p>\n\n

Lunch is a creative services company that delivers advertising, marketing and production services. Founded in 2009 by Internationally award-winning Executive Producer and Healing Practitioner, Amy Miranda, Lunch provides everything from strategy to execution across all mediums. The company made the creative process as easy as ordering lunch. During the pandemic, Miranda heard from creatives who shared their need for specialized services designed to support the people, not just the productions. Known for their deep rolodex and ability to assemble dynamic creative collectives, Lunch is answering the call. <\/p>\n\n

“The need has changed. 13 years ago people needed production support, coming through a pandemic -  people just need support.  We know how many people end up on leave because of burnout. We have always been people first. We know how to make work fun, we know about ROI and we know how to bring people together. The new menu brings our approach to everyone. We’re sharing our skills, tools and practices to reenergize individual careers and corporate culture.  Places of employment can be places of enjoyment, and we’re bringing incredible talent to the table to do it.” - Amy Miranda.<\/em> <\/p>\n\n

Lunch’s new menu of offerings to help bridge this gap and bring balance to business.  The menu includes professional development and training to wellness workshops and creative retreats.  Served  up by wellness experts, mental health professionals and multidisciplinary artists, Lunch’s new offerings promise to revitalize careers, reinspire teams and uplift corporate cultures. Research suggests companies who adopt wellness initiatives improve employee loyalty, which retains top talent, saving them time, money, and resources required to acquire new hires.<\/p>\n\n

\nSome highlights from Lunch’s new menu:<\/strong><\/p>\n\n