Jason Zada

Jason Zada is a commercial, interactive and music video director. Although most comfortable behind the camera, he is a rather unique form of storyteller. A geek at heart, Jason began programming text adventure experiences on a Commodore 64 and creating short films on Super8 camera at the age of 8. Jason started his career in advertising in the early days of the internet during the mid 1990's. In fall of 2000, Jason started the digital advertising agency Evolution Bureau (EVB). Over the years, EVB grew from one of the most respected digital agencies into a full service ad agency, allowing Jason to direct campaigns for clients that included TV, Internet and everything in between. Jason spent the next 8 years growing EVB into a 65 person agency, eventually allowing Omnicom to acquire a majority stake in the company. At the end of 2008, Jason left the agency he founded to pursue a career as a director. Over the past 4 years Jason has worked with agencies around the world delivering his style of experiences and content. Not only does Jason think about the approach, he thinks about the experience and the results. He's that hands on.


Jason is often asked to speak at a variety of industry events including Cannes Lion Festival, Boards Summit, Creative Review’s Click and South by Southwest. Jason’s work has appeared in Creativity Magazine, Boards Magazine, Shoot Magazine, Communication Arts, Contagious, Fast Company and the New York Times.


Jason is available for experiential, digital, and branded content work through Lunch.


Recent Projects:
Paranormal Activity: Jacob Degloshi COMA : A&E TV Networks TakeThisLollipop.com - Jason Zada Adidas - All In FITC’s: The Last Advertising Agency On Earth