Kira Shaimanova

Kira Shaimanova is a three dimensional illustrator. That means she makes her illustrations, from scratch, with a stunning level of finish and detail. She found her calling in sculpture illustration after taking a doll class one summer, which inspired her to take her art to another level. She has been producing her extraordinary creations ever since. Her process includes creating individual dolls from clay, hand-made sets and photographing the final work. She loves incorporating her quirky sense of humor into her characters and settings. Kira is mainly inspired by the fantastical and unreal, and is constantly evolving her craft. Kira's clients include: BBDO, Saatchi&Saatchi, Open/Toys R Us,  and publications such as Time Out Chicago, The Miami New Times, Las Vegas Weekly and MAD Magazine. 


Recent Projects:
Kira Shaimanova’s Curious Collection Kira Shaimanova does Proud FM for Saatchi & Saatchi Nathan Jurevicius becomes Scarygirl Kira Shaimanova sculpts GIRLS for MAD Magazine Kira Shaimanova Sculpts The Sheepdogs