XZZ - Rob King

XZZ (aka Rob King) is a Toronto based creative technologist. Art & Code.  We met Rob at the Auto Show. True story, we were working on an installation, and he was working on an installation. Inevitably when you're in that kind of production environment you start talking. Once a few of the team met Rob it became evident that we should invite him to join the group. His ability to make beautiful things happen with code is something we find pretty exciting.  . His portfolio includes both fine art and commercial work, ranging from experimental games and mobile apps, to installations involving live bees and heartrate monitors.  Rob’s work has been shown worldwide in such diverse sites as Sao Paulo, New York, Belfast, Budapest, Weimar, Montreal and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His work explores the social dynamics of networked spaces, the potentials of mobile and ubiquitous computing, dynamic and generative processes, ludology, visualization, generative systems, play, and designing tools for creativity.  Past commercial clients have included Nissan, Nike, Scotiabank and Wrigley. 


Recent Projects:
Nissan Rogue Shark Unleashed A Conversation With Darren Aronofsky - Koerner Hall Red Bull Music Academy: A Conversation With Darren Aronofsky