Six Degrees

Doing business with Six Degrees is effortless, maybe it’s because they admit they take their work home...and to the gym, and when walking their dogs. Their creativity doesn’t stop. Not only do they put a ton of personality into every bit of sound design they create, or music they compose they are constantly thinking about the experience. They know exposure and experience are essential to stockpiling the arsenal that they bring to the work. They know that everything is connected, and the right sound design or score can change the way consumers experience everything. Some people think about sound as a nice to have, we know it’s the difference between good and great.


Recent Projects:
Brita - Filter For Good TV Campaign A Conversation With Darren Aronofsky - Koerner Hall World Premiere of:  Ziptronik Megablast. Red Bull Music Academy: A Conversation With Darren Aronofsky Green Works : Life’s Glorious Messes